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Dr. Billie Streets

The Legacy of Grace Collective ~ where we come together to discover, create and share our Legacy Footprints with the World!

When we come together to heal individually and focus on discovering and living our legacy, it is then that we can begin to heal as a collective to fulfill our legacy of grace.

What is Legacy of Grace?

Grace is the unmerited mercy of God. The idea that because we were chosen to be alive now, that is enough. Our only responsibility is to show up with all that we are in all areas of our life. Our Legacy is our purpose ~ what God has for us to do in this lifetime.  A legacy of grace is showing up fully in our lives and trusting in God’s plan for us. In doing this, we will leave a Divine imprint wherever we go, and when we leave this life our imprint will remain.

Why Legacy of Grace?

We all want to leave a legacy. We hold onto the hope that we will leave the world a little better than we arrived in it. We hope that the light we shine on the world fills others with love, hope and grace. We all have a purpose!  We are all meant to be here at this time, in this place. It’s time for us to understand the magnitude of what that means and make our imprint on the world. 

“Grace enables us to live a life of distinction and discernment through our thoughts, movement, actions and behavior.” – Billie

What is your soul’s Legacy?

Your legacy is important – my legacy is important – what do you want your legacy to be? How will the world be different for you having been in it? What is your contribution to making the world a better place? How will you leave an imprint in the world that serves those following behind you? Are you hearing the call for the answer louder, more frequent and more often?
We all have our mark to leave in this life and we must live our lives in the way we want to be remembered.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. – 1 Peter 4:10

A Legacy of…..
Intestinal Fortitude

Why the World Needs Our Legacy…..

There is a great need for healing the separation and division that is permeating our minds, our hearts and our culture. There is a loss of unity among us that infiltrates our minds and barricades our hearts. We are more alike than we are different yet we focus on the differences and judge them to be something we should fear, control or fight against. Our differences are what showcase our unique beauty. Our unique thoughts, ideas, looks, abilities, desires… these are the things that God equipped us with in order to fulfill our soul’s purpose.

We all have spiritual gifts and greatness to share with the world. 

There’s an awakening taking place and now is the time for us all to step up and step out into the world by sharing our Divinity, our elegance, our wisdom and grace. We are each being called to share and express our innate power and gifts in a new, more profound and authentic way. We must come forward as a collective body and lead through our actions!

“Coming together to heal and working towards our soul’s legacy are two of the most important things we can do to change the world.” – Billie

I pray we may all find the answers to those questions that will lead us to exactly where we need to be. Find exactly who our work needs to touch and to the personification of the amazing, loving, compassionate, caring humans we are all meant to be!!

May peace and grace flow through us as a nation – that we be guided as individuals, families, communities and mankind – to come together to work toward our greater good.

Client Love
Working with Billie Streets has been a transforming experience for me. I’ve done some work in the past through seminars and with a therapist and coach. However, I believe the gifts that Billie has, really focus on the core points. Billie truly listens and responds in ways that resonate, offering new perspectives. Her tool kit provides creative ways to initiate “small changes that lead to huge results.". The time I spent with Billie was invaluable. She’s a rock star!
Nancy Minnig
Billie will take on a limited number of private clients each year for a VIP
Day or short term 1:1 coaching by application only.

If you are a woman ready to listen to your inner calling, to believe in your purpose and trust yourself again. If you are looking to step into your Divinity and receive the support you need to remove any blocks that limit your ability to create a world you want to see and live in alignment with the expression of your soul’s legacy.


If you are yearning to lead with power and grace, and are looking for the tools necessary to excel in the corporate world and move your way up the corporate ladder. If you need guidance to navigate the culture and environment and acquire the tools to become a successful soul centered executive.